Glauben Sie noch an den Weihnachtsmann? - Buch von Jürgen Lueger

Do you still believe in Father Christmas?

Of course not. But when you think back to your childhood; wasn’t it a wonderful belief? There was someone who knew our innermost wishes, and who made sure all the things we needed and wanted arrived on Christmas Day. Of course, we only believed until we started asking ourselves how all the presents were able to fit in one sack, or how reindeer were able to fly without wings…

Believing in Santa has a lot in common with the prevailing misconceptions about health and illness. What’s good for us and what isn’t? Carbohydrates – yes or no? Animal proteins – healthy or not? Dietary supplements – effective or merely a swindle?

This book demonstrates simple ways of achieving better health and wellbeing within a short period of time.

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