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Every living cell is surrounded by an energy field with an electrical potential difference. Overall, all the cells in the body generate a large and measurable bioenergetic field. While conventional medical approaches mainly diagnose by analysing chemicals, bioenergetics records electro-magnetic frequency patterns and their effects on our human information system – on the body!

Bioenergetics is based on Einstein’s findings about how material can be transformed into energy – and energy into material. Hence, material presents a concentrated form of energy, and every substance has its own electro-magnetic frequency patterns. Thus, for every physical illness there is a corresponding disturbance of the electro-magnetic frequency pattern – in turn influencing the human body’s overall frequency.

This method facilitates the identification of energy deficits and blockages in the body. It enables us to enhance our understanding of their causes in order to apply bioenergetic treatments more precisely. If used early enough it is possible to improve a client’s overall health significantly.

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The cell and its electrical potential

The following information refers to theories and analyses from the field of bioenergetics. These have been supported by researchers such as Robert O. Becker and Dr. Björn Nordenstrom (Chairman of the Nobel Prize Committee). In 1991, two scientists, Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann, were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their research into the degree of penetration of micro-currents in human cell membranes.

The electrical potential of young and healthy cells is between -70 and -90 mV. This enables the mitochondria to produce energy and for protein synthesis to be transported via the cell membrane. As we get older, or when we become ill, the electrical potential drops to -40 or -50 mV. If it continues to fall, say to -15 mV, this may result in pains, inflammation, oedemas or even ischaemia. Such values are borderline to a state in which cells can mutate cancerously. The potential is so low that a survival instinct is triggered and uncontrolled cell division can ensues.
Consequently, there’s a relationship between all illnesses and a drop in the electrical potential of the cell membrane. The therapist’s task is to reverse the process and return the cell to a state in which it has a healthy electrical potential reading, ideally above -70 mV.

Sources: Becker, Robert: The Body Electric, William Morrow and Co. Inc., New York, 1983 Nordenstrom, Björn: Biologically Closed Electrical Circuits, Nordic Medical Publications, Uppsala, 1983

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